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Dannielle Alan

Area H 


Regional District of Fraser Fort George

My Vision


I see a valley filled with small business and opportunities.

I see a series of communities, diverse and independent, who will work together on a common goal.


Communities are built by the people who live in them, and the people who choose to live in the Robson/Canoe Valley are some of the smartest, most innovative and most determined I have met.

We can attract business and investment.

We can build a land use plan that is innovative and forward thinking. 

We can attract people and families to our communities.

We are resilient, we can handle whatever comes our way, good or bad.

Outside solutions are not  the answer. The solutions will come from us, brick by brick.


I see thriving farmers markets and people coming from everywhere to buy Robson Valley grown.


I  see people of all ages working and playing in our community gardens, strolling our walkways, biking down our mountains, and enjoying the way of life that they helped create.  


I  see people working and sustaining themselves doing things that they enjoy and are passionate about.


I see community - thriving and alive.


I cannot predict what the road ahead looks like, all I know is that hard work and effort can make amazing things happen.

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Over the last four years

I am, and have been, an active community member and a strong advocate of community development. I will continue to stress a grass roots...

We still have work to do

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Celebrating our community builders

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